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Frederic Laloux, Reinventing Organizations

2:23AM The Podcast, Season #1, Episode #8 - Frederic Laloux, Reinventing Organizations

My guest today is Frederic Laloux, author of the very important management and business book, Reinventing Organizations. I consider this one of the most important books on business and management systems of this last decade, if not of this next decade. Frederic has researched those rare organisations around the world who have thrown away the traditional top down organisational structure, and adopted organisations of distributed intelligence and distributed power. These organisations are located all around the world, across multiple industries, and many have been in operation for decades in very tough markets. Yet they outperform every time..even though performance is not the goal.

If you are someone who yearns for organisations that operate with fluidity, have no extra layers of management, enables everyone to have power of choice and action, frees up the CEO to focus on creativity and stewardship, then you will love this interview and the book. You can tell by reading Frederic's Bio that he is not someone who conforms to business or life as usual.

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Frederic Laloux is a man of many projects that he tries to square, not always easily, with his inner knowing that he is meant to live a simple life, spending much time with his family and whenever possible in the silent presence of trees.

Among other things, Frederic advises leaders of organizations who feel called to explore fundamentally new ways of organizing. His research in the field of emerging organizational models, published in his book Reinventing Organizations has been described as “groundbreaking,” “spectacular,” “world-changing,” and “a leap in management thinking” by some of the most respected scholars in the field of human development and management.

A former Associate Partner with McKinsey & Company, Laloux holds an MBA from INSEAD, and a degree in coaching from Newfield Network in Boulder, Colorado. He has traveled widely and speaks five languages fluently. Frederic Laloux lives in Brussels, Belgium, where he is blessed to share his life with his wife, Hélène, and their two children.

Show notes

*acknowledgement and sadness of the wounds we are inflicting onto the planet and ourselves

*what type of questions will our Grandchildren ask us?

*everything in his life has prepared him for this book

*the soullessness of the big corporations

*inquire into what would be the most meaningful thing I could do? Not the most impactful, simply the most meaningful thing now, and if I did this the Universe would provide me with an income

*fundamental departures from our current understanding of management

* a shift from the pyramid and layers of hierarchy that are common in today's organisations

*the human brain of 80 billion cells do not have a boss, they have very clear co-ordinating mechanisms

*systems of distributed intelligence into the organisation. No one is the boss of anyone else

*not flatland by any means, you cannot do whatever you want

*everyone is powerful and has the power to make it happen

*precondition for this to work is a founder/CEO who is fully willing to not be the all powerful person, to no longer have top down authority

*the CEO must play by the same rules as everyone

*the power and control is baked into the system

*diss-identified from their ego

*the advise process

*don't have a career plan, a life based around expressing the most meaningful choices is an emergent one

*the last thing he wants to do is restrict the circulation of these ideas

*the gift economy



*CEO of Unilver, Paul Polman

*Reinventing Organizations, the book

*Maslow's hierarchy of needs

*Ken Wilber

*Spiral Dynamics

*Integral Theory

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2:23AM podcast, Season #1, Episode #7 - Jonathan Jay -The Mindset of an entrepreneurial 'lifer' - solving problems, making decisions, self belief

2:23AM podcast, Season #1, Episode #7 - Jonathan Jay -The Mindset of an entrepreneurial 'lifer' - solving problems, making decisions, self belief

My guest is Jonathan Jay. We met in 2001 in Chicago and have been friends since. Jonathan knows his strengths in business. He loves the game of business, how to build and grow businesses. He is extraordinary at marketing. He also has a really good heart. He is generous and kind. One day a few years ago when I was struggling, he sent me a package of all the materials that comprised his product, as a gift. (Sent from the UK to Australia no less.) When my daughter was ending her gap year European tour, and found herself broke in London, Jonathan took her in. He was the typical bachelor at that stage and Natalie tells me that what was in his fridge was so far passed its used by date it was cultivating other species. She had to go hungry for a little longer. Fortunately for the many people who have benefited from Jonathan's work he sticks to business and not domestic pursuits.

Please enjoy this episode.



Jonathan Jay has run his own businesses from the age of 19 and sold two of them, the first when he was 26 and the most recent in 2007 for c£5 million pounds. His current business employs 25 staff in SW London and is the UK market leader provider of marketing services to small businesses with 60,000 members.

Jonathan’s previous company turned over a million pounds in the first year and made a million pounds net a few years later. He has advising companies on marketing since 1999 as he is considered expert on the subject as a result of his business track record.

He has written five books, the first in 2003, all on marketing. He has presented TV shows for BBC2 and a business show called ‘Now I’m The Boss” and commented on business and marketing on BBC Breakfast, CNBC News and Sky News. He has been a guest on over 25 radio shows.

At the Business Start Up Show, for five consecutive years he headlined on the main stage and appeared on a Dragon’s Den style panel with Peter Jones from the TV show and at another event with Duncan Bannatyne.

He has been featured in The Sunday Times (as a marketing expert), The Financial Times (as entrepreneur of the week), The Observer (where his company was cited as the number one in its field in the UK), The Daily Mail and The Daily Express – all very positively.

He regularly is the guest entrepreneur at Young Enterprise awards ceremonies where he lectures and awards the prizes. He has run marketing seminars where he has donated over £10,000 to Great Ormond Street Hospital in entrance fees.

Mr Jay is an accomplished businessman and marketing expert who always speaks from experience. In 2010 he was the top European in an international competition to find the Marketer of the Year, held in Atlanta USA.

Show notes

*Work may start to define you...a bad day at work may then affect everything

*Do you have a clear definition between work and the rest of your life?

*When people start a business they often think that the business is going to liberate them, yet it might end up having them on a bigger hamster wheel than the one they left

*First business card aged 12 years old

*Stage performance taught him how to not be afraid to be on stage, how to market himself and the value of focused work

*When you create friction in the market place, ruffling a few feathers, you might be doing something right

*Flaw - swapping time for money

*How can I construct something that works when I am not there?

*Didn't feel like he was failing, rather...he learned to morph things into something else

*Overnight everything changed

*From zero to a million pounds revenue in 12 months...

*Another pile of final demands...printed in red ink...what kept him focused when this was happening?

*The deep down believe that he was better than the evidence that was presented to him

*"I have complete belief in my ability to succeed, I didn't allow myself the opportunity of failing"

*Successful personality - positive, resilient, don't take things personally

*Important to have a life outside of work

*No correlation between the number of hours you work and the success of your business

*Most business owners don't focus on doing the right things

*Can I do something bigger and better than the last thing?

*It's so much about mindset

*I love the feeling of being able to conquer my doubts and fears

*It's a bit of a game. If you take it too seriously it can be damaging

*Mastery of the art of business, not about being right and perfect, but being prepared

*If something doesn't go according to plan...move on quickly

*The better you are at solving problems and making decision the better you will be at business

*Every problem has a solution

*The more he focuses on the personal stuff the better he is finding work

*The people who can disengage from their business are the ones doing better

*Get other people to do what you are not good at, work your strengths

*The Virgin group didn't become successful because they have a great filing system

*DOA = delegate, outsource, automate



Digital Lighthouse

Laura Berman Fortgang

Brian Tracy

The Magic of Thinking Big, David Schwartz


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2.23am The Podcast Season #1, Episode 6 - Robb Smith - The path of large scale systems transformation

 2.23am The Podcast Season #1, Episode 6 - Robb Smith - The path of large scale systems transformation

Robb and I met in Brazil in 2009 at the State of the World Forum. When I began the 2.23am journey Robb was one of the people I went to for advise, mentoring, brainstorming, emotional and mental support. Only last Christmas, when the project was still in ideation stage, Robb encouraged me that this was really OK. (When most people would criticize for seeming lack of ideal to action after nearly two years.)

Robb is one of those people who has a big mission in life. That journey is never easy. In this conversation you will get a sense of both the size of the mission and the habits that sustain the journey. You will also get a feel for Robb's entrepreneurial strength and his very unique skills...technology, spirituality, philosophy and venture capital.

To listen on itunes, soundcloud, or stitcher,


To download transcript Robb Smith, Season #1, Episode #6


Robb's Bio

Robb is a social entrepreneur dedicated to fostering the new “Transformation Age” at the intersection of human development, technology and civilizational sustainability. At 21 he started Nevada Ventures, the state’s first venture capital fund, and co-founded the Reno-Tahoe chapter of Entrepreneur’s Organization. He established the Nevada Ventures Nanoscience Program at the University of Nevada, recognized by Scientific American for the world’s most significant biodefense technology in 2004. He was a director of RetailOne, National Car Wash Systems and Alere, which became the largest population health company in the United States (NYSE: ALR). He cofounded NevadaNano, which in 2013 won an R&D 100 as one of the top technologies in the world. He then joined Ken Wilber to spearhead the integral consciousness movement, where he fostered metadisciplinary work including the Journal of Integral Theory and Practice, Integral Spiritual Experience and WhatNEXT. In 2007 he was a founding member of Conscious Capitalism Institute, dedicated to transforming capitalism into a vehicle for greater love and trust worldwide. In 2011 he co-founded Chrysallis. He is a past Trustee of the Nevada Museum of Art and a current Trustee of Desert Research Institute. He has been named Nevada’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year and was nominated for the 2012 TED Prize.
TEDx: The Transformational Life  Twitter: @robbsmith

 Show notes

*Disparity in the world - economic, health, relevance

*USA 80 million people pre- diabetic, 120 million people with chronic disease

*Health is the new wealth

*Fear of not being relevant

*Transform the people, the systems, the consciousness inside business

*What does transformation mean technically inside the human brain?

*Living koan - How do we help large numbers of people be happier, healthier, be more productive, feel more engaged in life - in ways that are genuinely deeply grounding

*Prevailing narratives may be misleading - self congratulatory feel to humanity now - how smart we are.

*Large systemic issues like obesity are highly resistant to being influenced

*Evolution always does work out fine in the end. Humans may suffer a lot.

*The USA particularly has been living on a post WW2 dividend, which is now over (as of 2008)

*70 % of people don't feel engaged by their work today

*Flow states, signature strengths, living into your purpose

*Marry your top 2-3 signature strengths with your daily activity in an area that you are passionate about and you will create more flow states. This is evidence based.

*Be careful of purpose surfing

*Expertise at the intersection of technology, philosophy, spirituality and venture capital

*To stay sustained there are 3 levels of practice (1) good life hygiene (2) psycho-emotional - growth mindset (3) (a.) the ego/identity doesn't exist (b.) all effort is ignorance

*Any time we are expending effort (distinction) with a goal to change the world, we are causing as much perturbation as we are healing

*Affectionate non attachment

*Addiction to transient highs that come from achievement

*Realise you are nothing, and then you become identified with everything (Vedanta)

*Your waking up opportunity is right here right now.. and enjoy the journey

*In flow you do not have an attachment to what you are doing. All effort, no attachment

*Flow is a non egoic, non temporal state

*Simplification requires a move into greater discernment

*We don't know how to be bored...

*The biggest fear of all...the fear of being ordinary




Integral Life

Ken Wilber

Conscious Capitalism


Carol Dweck, Growth Mindset

TEDx talk - The Transformational Life

Ramana Maharshi





* Yoda, Empire Strikes Back, "Do or do not, there is no try."

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2.23am The Podcast- Season#1, #5 - Jim Breen - Going for exceptional, making the impossible possible

2.23am The Podcast- Season#1, #5 - Jim Breen - Going for exceptional, making the impossible possible

Today's guest is the exceptional Jim Breen. We met in 2013 over breakfast on the Gold Coast. Ever the Irish man, the conversation was an adventure in story telling. I have the sketch in my note pad of how Jim planned Cycle Against Suicide. I refer to that sketch at least once a week as I build 2.23am. Having now spent time with Jim in Ireland, participated in a Cycle Against Suicide spin off, and met many of the wonderful people in Jim' life, I can say that Jim is only just getting started. Strap in folks, you are in for a wonderful ride. Inspiring, world changing...all of that.


To download the transcript. Season1, #5 Jim Breen

About Jim

To describe Jim Breen in one sentence would be to say that he tucks into the engine of innovation, pegs its throttle, and drives it forward. With speed. As CEO and Founder of PulseLearning (www.PulseLearning.com), that same velocity found face in PulseLearning winning the Deloitte Fast 50 award for the fastest growing IT company in Ireland.


But Jim is not about awards. He is about inciting others to realise their goals, reach their objectives and attain their dreams – an endeavour that takes its form in his founding of TriGrandPrix (www.trigrandprix.com). In a similar vein, he founded the internationally acclaimed Entrepreneur Experience, fueled by his passion for nurturing and mentoring emerging entrepreneurs and innovators.


Jim is an originator, an architect of invention, a tireless thinker and a rogue rule breaker. But he makes things happen. Big things. Being invited to take part in “The Secret Millionaire” television programme has seen him spark a nationwide discussion on mental heath issues along with the birth of his brainchild - Cycle Against Suicide (www.CycleAgainstSuicide.com) – a confrontational campaign than pinpoints the scourge of suicide as a foe to be confronted and overcome. If suicide is a war, then Jim, along with the support he has garnered, is a serious army.


His own personal history is drenched in challenges – from Ironman to marathons, international rowing to winning the British and Irish Senior Intervarsity Boxing Championships. Jim does not retreat, he merely re-calculates. If any given fight sees him punching above his weight, well then, he just bulks up!

Show notes

*people to reach far above average in things they are passionate about, that serves their purpose

*risk putting your head above the parapet

*mental illness isn't sexist, racist or ageist

*what wakes him - 'good enough is not OK' Go for the exceptional

*surrounds himself with exceptional people, the outliers, rule breakers

*let go of what needs to be let go

*it is all about trust

*in a rapidly changing world you have got to hang on to what is truest in you

*concerned right now about the level of trust (or lack of) that exists in organisations

*the 5% moments...when you are being tested

*we judge ourselves by our intentions. Others judge us by our impact

*if you have to revisit a contract you are already lost

*are you writing a resume or your epitaph?

*there are other senses you have to engage as an entrepreneur

*you have to believe that 'we can do the exceptional.'

*that is all very well in practice but it will never work in theory

*things are much more about we than I

*self-full vs selfish


Pulse Learning


Cycle Against Suicide

Cycle Against Suicide Facebook page

 To find out more about the 2.23am event in Dublin, 11-11-2014

Email christine@223am.com



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2.23am The Podcast, #4, DC Cordova - Social Entrepreneurship, Transforming Education, True Wealth
DC Cordova

My guest today is the divine DC Cordova. I first met DC as one her students in the mid 80's. Her commitment to social entrepreneurship and business for good has continued. During this conversation we discussed wealth, the love of cash and how to do all of this and create a better world.

Listen to this episode on itunes, soundcloud, stitcher,  download it here, or listen below. The transcript will be up in a few days.


DC Cordova is CEO of Excellerated Business Schools®/ Money & You®, a global organization with over 100,000 grads from Asia Pacific & North America in English / Chinese. Her program Money & You® has inspired some of today’s greatest wealth and business experts. Their work has helped spread the essence of her work to millions. DC is now opening the American company for the world’s only Solar Valley in Dezhou, China, Himin Solar, created by a billionaire with heart, Huang Ming http://www.excellerated.com/huang-ming

 Her purpose: To uplift humanity’s consciousness through socially-responsible business. Leading by example, DC is a philanthropist, humanitarian and is known as an Ambassador of New Education with a tireless pursuit to transform educational systems around the world and eradicate poverty and hunger.

 DC Cordova is a founding member of the Transformational Leadership Council (TLC), and the Southern California Association of Transformational Leaders (ATL); a facilitator for the Pachamama Alliance Symposium; council member of Women Speakers’ Association; international business development advisor for SuperLab, The California Women’s Conference and The WIN on Line organization; and she supports numerous nonprofits as mentor and champion.  

 She is the author of the comprehensive systems manual, Money Making Systems; and has co-authored many books. DC has participated in over a dozen motivational films and TV shows.

 Show notes

*How do we move the world from scarcity thinking to abundance so we can eradicate poverty and hunger?

*Creating a world that works 100% for all of humanity without ecological damage to anyone

*The only thing I could change that I had control over was my consciousness

*How we could accomplish so much more happiness by being of service to others

*I love wealth and I love cash

*Had to go into an inquiry about loving wealth and loving humanity

*True wealth is having access to networks, people, to be trusted, to make a contribution

*Many confuse wealth with money

*Money and assets are things that can be lost

*Wealth cannot be lost

*Do you react to "I love cash?"

* Any reaction that is not neutral around money or cash requires clearing

*Cash is the precessional effect of good work that is providing value

*The three different stages of money

*Uplifting the planets consciousness through business

*Jac Holzman and his 2.23am moment in a parking lot in Malibu

*Personal Development Industry is a US$100Billion a year industry

*People who are committed to money alone are not happier

*The whole planet is going into their 2.23am moments...let me wake up

*You don't always have to give up your "Miss Piggy" ways


You can read more about DC

The Werner Erhard Buckminster Fuller conversation

Huang Ming, her Chinese Renewable energy partner

4 Session Business Make-over on home page:

The Business Success Model  

Your Personal Productivity System

Precession, what is it

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Hiro Boga

Here is the transcript. Hiro Boga 223am.

I have been working with Hiro for the last year, having participated in both of her programs. I recommend anyone interested in a more whole expression of life and business to work with Hiro. I don't say this lightly as there are few teachers I do recommend. Hiro I recommend without reservation.

(This interview was recorded at my end while sitting outside by the river in the sun. You will hear the birds and at one point, a dog, in the background. Rather than find them distracting, I invite you to picture the scene of a beautiful sun filled morning, the sunlight sparkling off the river, birds singing away, while this rich conversation was occurring across the Pacific. (Queensland and Canada) I went to this location to be away from other noise, but nature decided it wanted to participate. Another lesson learned in this podcast learning exercise.)

Hiro  is a writer, business strategist and mentor to visionary leaders who are dedicated to shaping a world in which service and profit, soul and entrepreneurship, work hand in hand to create peace and prosperity for everyone. Over the past three decades, Hiro has helped thousands of clients and students reclaim joy, freedom, creative power and sovereignty in their businesses, their relationships, and their lives.

 As a mentor and teacher, Hiro blends transformative energy technologies, the magic of story, and grounded spiritual practices with pragmatic business strategies.

 Hiro offers two signature group programs each year: Become Your Own Business Adviser and How To Rule Your World From The Inside Out: The Art Of Inner Leadership.

She also works privately with visionary leaders to bring their most creative visions to life through a skillful blend of inner and outer work. The results are both practical and profound.

 Explore her writing, current offerings, and a wealth of other resources at HiroBoga.com

Just this last week Hiro wrote a piece about the origins of her name. This article will add significant context to Hiro as a person. It moved me deeply. Find it here.

Show notes

Conscious of the presence of time

The act of completion, approaching the last 20 years of productive life

Mortality - a different relationship with time

Go hard or go home - Hiro would always go home

The shift from looking at yourself from the outside in, to looking at yourself from the inside out

Once you have given your business everything and you are depleted, what will show up is depletion in you and in the world of your business

Will power is an extremely limited resource. Use it like a condiment, rather than the main course

Do something each day that has no purpose related to your business - something you do just for love

It's the things that you meet without an agenda that remind you of the truth of relationships. Agenda driven relationships are short term. They are transactional.

We are all born knowing who we are, knowing we have these amazing gifts and capacities - the process of growing up is learning how to negotiate the difference between the limitless capacities on a soul level and the limitations of a physical life.

There is a value to the individual life in the West that is not available in India.



Connect with Hiro on Facebook, Pinterest, & on Twitter @HiroBoga

The next (10th!) session of BYOBA begins on Sep. 15, and runs through to Dec. 1.

Hiro will teach a free preview teleclass, Create with Power, on Wednesday, Sep. 3rd at 10 am PT.
   Here’s where folks can sign up for the preview teleclass, and read more in-depth information about BYOBA:
You can  register for BYOBA here.


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Dr. David E. Martin is the Founder of M·CAM® the international leader in innovation finance, trade, and intangible asset finance. Actively engaged in global ethical economic development, Dr. Martin's work includes financial engineering and investment, public speaking, writing and providing financial advisory services to the majority of countries in the world. Dr. Martin is the architect and founder of the Global Innovation Commons and is the author of the international legal framework for the Heritable Knowledge Trust and Heritable Innovation Trust programs.

David and I have been friends since our first conversation in 2009, which inspired me to write this article on Field Effects, which is mentioned at the end of this episode.

Show notes

Business is about creating theatre

The old industrial model of business

The perpetually generative utility model of business

Four different ways to express business/enterprise

1. Predatory business model

2. Seductive business model

3. Responsive business model

4. Enterprise of emanation

How 'cheap' is it really to get displaced laborers away from their families for 6 months?

Is the balance sheet and P@L the only way to view business?

Building systems, metrics and approaches which explicitly render both the cost and the consequence.

A neglect of gratitude.

Integral Accounting.

What does sunlight and photosynthesis have to do with business?

We don't need to be creators, we need to be stewards.

Chaos is pre-ordered order.

From the enclosure and separation model to the inclusion and invitation model.


To visit the M-Cam web site

To see more about integral accounting, on the M-cam site, and in my series on integral accounting.

Dr David Martin on Bloomberg West - Is the US Patent system broken.

Global Innovations Commons

Heritable Innovations Trust

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