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2.23am The Podcast- Season#1, #5 - Jim Breen - Going for exceptional, making the impossible possible

2.23am The Podcast- Season#1, #5 - Jim Breen - Going for exceptional, making the impossible possible

Today's guest is the exceptional Jim Breen. We met in 2013 over breakfast on the Gold Coast. Ever the Irish man, the conversation was an adventure in story telling. I have the sketch in my note pad of how Jim planned Cycle Against Suicide. I refer to that sketch at least once a week as I build 2.23am. Having now spent time with Jim in Ireland, participated in a Cycle Against Suicide spin off, and met many of the wonderful people in Jim' life, I can say that Jim is only just getting started. Strap in folks, you are in for a wonderful ride. Inspiring, world changing...all of that.


To download the transcript. Season1, #5 Jim Breen

About Jim

To describe Jim Breen in one sentence would be to say that he tucks into the engine of innovation, pegs its throttle, and drives it forward. With speed. As CEO and Founder of PulseLearning (www.PulseLearning.com), that same velocity found face in PulseLearning winning the Deloitte Fast 50 award for the fastest growing IT company in Ireland.


But Jim is not about awards. He is about inciting others to realise their goals, reach their objectives and attain their dreams – an endeavour that takes its form in his founding of TriGrandPrix (www.trigrandprix.com). In a similar vein, he founded the internationally acclaimed Entrepreneur Experience, fueled by his passion for nurturing and mentoring emerging entrepreneurs and innovators.


Jim is an originator, an architect of invention, a tireless thinker and a rogue rule breaker. But he makes things happen. Big things. Being invited to take part in “The Secret Millionaire” television programme has seen him spark a nationwide discussion on mental heath issues along with the birth of his brainchild - Cycle Against Suicide (www.CycleAgainstSuicide.com) – a confrontational campaign than pinpoints the scourge of suicide as a foe to be confronted and overcome. If suicide is a war, then Jim, along with the support he has garnered, is a serious army.


His own personal history is drenched in challenges – from Ironman to marathons, international rowing to winning the British and Irish Senior Intervarsity Boxing Championships. Jim does not retreat, he merely re-calculates. If any given fight sees him punching above his weight, well then, he just bulks up!

Show notes

*people to reach far above average in things they are passionate about, that serves their purpose

*risk putting your head above the parapet

*mental illness isn't sexist, racist or ageist

*what wakes him - 'good enough is not OK' Go for the exceptional

*surrounds himself with exceptional people, the outliers, rule breakers

*let go of what needs to be let go

*it is all about trust

*in a rapidly changing world you have got to hang on to what is truest in you

*concerned right now about the level of trust (or lack of) that exists in organisations

*the 5% moments...when you are being tested

*we judge ourselves by our intentions. Others judge us by our impact

*if you have to revisit a contract you are already lost

*are you writing a resume or your epitaph?

*there are other senses you have to engage as an entrepreneur

*you have to believe that 'we can do the exceptional.'

*that is all very well in practice but it will never work in theory

*things are much more about we than I

*self-full vs selfish


Pulse Learning


Cycle Against Suicide

Cycle Against Suicide Facebook page

 To find out more about the 2.23am event in Dublin, 11-11-2014

Email christine@223am.com



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2.23am The Podcast, #4, DC Cordova - Social Entrepreneurship, Transforming Education, True Wealth
DC Cordova

My guest today is the divine DC Cordova. I first met DC as one her students in the mid 80's. Her commitment to social entrepreneurship and business for good has continued. During this conversation we discussed wealth, the love of cash and how to do all of this and create a better world.

Listen to this episode on itunes, soundcloud, stitcher,  download it here, or listen below. The transcript will be up in a few days.


DC Cordova is CEO of Excellerated Business Schools®/ Money & You®, a global organization with over 100,000 grads from Asia Pacific & North America in English / Chinese. Her program Money & You® has inspired some of today’s greatest wealth and business experts. Their work has helped spread the essence of her work to millions. DC is now opening the American company for the world’s only Solar Valley in Dezhou, China, Himin Solar, created by a billionaire with heart, Huang Ming http://www.excellerated.com/huang-ming

 Her purpose: To uplift humanity’s consciousness through socially-responsible business. Leading by example, DC is a philanthropist, humanitarian and is known as an Ambassador of New Education with a tireless pursuit to transform educational systems around the world and eradicate poverty and hunger.

 DC Cordova is a founding member of the Transformational Leadership Council (TLC), and the Southern California Association of Transformational Leaders (ATL); a facilitator for the Pachamama Alliance Symposium; council member of Women Speakers’ Association; international business development advisor for SuperLab, The California Women’s Conference and The WIN on Line organization; and she supports numerous nonprofits as mentor and champion.  

 She is the author of the comprehensive systems manual, Money Making Systems; and has co-authored many books. DC has participated in over a dozen motivational films and TV shows.

 Show notes

*How do we move the world from scarcity thinking to abundance so we can eradicate poverty and hunger?

*Creating a world that works 100% for all of humanity without ecological damage to anyone

*The only thing I could change that I had control over was my consciousness

*How we could accomplish so much more happiness by being of service to others

*I love wealth and I love cash

*Had to go into an inquiry about loving wealth and loving humanity

*True wealth is having access to networks, people, to be trusted, to make a contribution

*Many confuse wealth with money

*Money and assets are things that can be lost

*Wealth cannot be lost

*Do you react to "I love cash?"

* Any reaction that is not neutral around money or cash requires clearing

*Cash is the precessional effect of good work that is providing value

*The three different stages of money

*Uplifting the planets consciousness through business

*Jac Holzman and his 2.23am moment in a parking lot in Malibu

*Personal Development Industry is a US$100Billion a year industry

*People who are committed to money alone are not happier

*The whole planet is going into their 2.23am moments...let me wake up

*You don't always have to give up your "Miss Piggy" ways


You can read more about DC

The Werner Erhard Buckminster Fuller conversation

Huang Ming, her Chinese Renewable energy partner

4 Session Business Make-over on home page:

The Business Success Model  

Your Personal Productivity System

Precession, what is it

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2.23am The Podcast - Mark Rowland -The Red Pill, Roceteer Inc - Return on Community
Mark Rowland - The Red Pill, Roceteer Inc

2.23am The Podcast - Mark Rowland -The Red Pill, Roceteer Inc - Return on Community

Welcome to episode #3 of this series. Today I am delighted to be interviewing Mark Rowland, The Red Pill (That is his title...reference the movie, The Matrix, for this), of Roceteer Inc.


I first met Mark about a year ago, introduced by a mutual friend. We have never met in person. From our first meeting what impressed me the most about Mark was his huge generosity...the kind of generosity that comes from knowing at a deep level that we live in an abundant Universe. I am sure you will be able to tap into this spirit in Mark as he shares the work he is doing in the world...which is breathtaking and inspirational.


*English, Australian and now living in the US
*10 years with PwC in the consulting division working globally on strategy projects and helping companies through change and transitions
*4 years with Coles Myer as General Manager of Business Development, working as an intrapreneur
*4 years as Chief Executive Noodle of wagamama in Australia
*Co-Founder and CEO of Styletread an online pure play footwear retailer that grew rapidly with investments from Nine *Entertainment and Starfish Venture Capital which sold in a tradesale to Australia’s largest privately owned footwear wholesaler
*A trained coach, NLP master practitioner, Chartered Accountant and a degree in Management Science from the University of Manchester, UK

Show notes

*Mark wants to be able to unleash human potential first within the human, then within a company, and then within a community of companies

*Can we transcend awesome?

*Roceteer serves the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Tony Hsieh

*How do you create an entrepreneurial and all creative innovative ecosystem?

*Creating a huge social experiment

* You maybe never find the jewel of what is truly, truly amazing and unique in the world unless you try lots of things

* Return on Capital, Return on Community, Return on Co-Learning and Return on Collisions

* How can we take these four rocks and allow a community to flourish.

* The psychological makeup of an entrepreneur can lead to massive highs and optimism and risk taking and boldness and fearlessness and courage but then exactly the opposite as well.  A  lot of fear and insecurity and oh my God, what am I doing?

* The difference between self esteem and self confidence

*When you believe that your self esteem is conditional, and your self esteem is linked to the success of your company that’s very dangerous for any human to allow that to happen.
* Business and being a leader is 80% psychology and 20% skill
* There are other like-minded people in the world that want to really create community through an entrepreneurial spirit
*Moving towards a world of abundance versus a world of control
* Be open to unlimited infinite possibilities. What would the world be like if you actually have that mindset?



Learn more about Roceteer Inc

Find Mark on LinkedIn

Follow Mark on Twitter

The Matrix Movie

The Downtown Project

Delivering Happiness - make happiness your business model

Delivering Happiness the Book -


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